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Until Thursday, of course. Then it's a secret to no one. InfernoFans Chest full of porkchops. Yeah, good ideas. I would love to see the Sign Painter. And about the indie game: Are there any news about Little Inferno? That's another guess, but I dunno if Tommorrow Corp updated their site. I guess it wouldn't hurt to check or follow their twitter! Another Planet finally has an official release!

Download chapters 1 through 3 here! Thank you for waiting so long while I kept starting over. I saw the character! At the end of the very last level, there is the cutscene then the credits BTW we're in the special thanks!

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All he has left is a kind of zepplin thingy called the "Mighty Blimp" if you buy it you get the Blimp flying in the "MapWorldView" if you tap it, a level shows up and you see the Blimp flying, all you can do is exit. For now, the Blimp is completely useless, but my guess is that it will have the same role as the "Mighty Eagle" in Angry Birds, and skips will be removed. Awesome momo! I've been playing it last night and got to chapter 5, didn't see any new characters and the I got sleepy and went to bed. For me, in France, it came out in the morning. Plus, I had the iPad version and I finished the game, so I copied th plist file to keep my profile.

It's nice to play somme goo again. I found the gameplay less precise than the PC version but it seems inevitable.

World Of Goo Walkthrough MOM's Computer

I took a couple of screenshots of the easter egg for the wonderers: Hey, cool. Kopa wrote: Yeah, iOS version is less precise, frustrating sometimes but it kinda looks cool on small handheld device. It is definitely better then any other game out there.

In my leaderboards there are 3 cheaters with billion meter towers, first regular user has 34 meters. On the fresh new version on Iphone no-HD , noone has spoiled the leaderboards yet. I've ranked first with a 29m tower sorry momo.

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I was kind of surprized to be first in the Leaderboards! I'm actually glad that people who can play better than me are before me and not cheaters like in the iPad version EDIT: Like, a chatting system. What about the Goofans chat server? I'll see you there. Well I generally go on Goofans at 3: I'm in NZ. I will meet you at I completed adding Route99 to the Chapter 4. And I found that it is really hard to add Mighty Blimp to the World. I put the island5 onclick event to the blimp in MapWorldView and put another blimp in island5. It works. Taco, you are American and MyGod, you are from china?!

I though TM13 wrote: Goofans, where the WOG levels come from. All my addin I love you World of Goo! I just found that the blimp features are removed in the latest version. Maybe because they're not translatable? Mygod Total downloads: How do I install a goomod?

World of Goo HD Easter Eggs for PC | World of Goo

Overall rating Average: Your rating: None Average: Nah, i wouldn't count something that you see everytime you start the game as an easter egg. I'll say it's the Maxis influence. They made funny loading states popular, right?

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I found one: When you end 3rd Chapter when you set free a big gun which shoots and tranforms 2D into 3D all the goos look in the sky on the green rectange. In Windows version one of the goos says: Yeah, this isn't as much as easter egg as it is a mistake on the part of 2D Boy. They claim that Project Z changes the two-dimensional World of Goo into three dimensions. But in reality, WoG meaning World of Goo is techically a three-dimensional world, which becomes VERY obvious, even in the very first level, Going Up using a non-solid background implies three dimensions , and there are shadings throughout the entire game.

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So Project Z was pretty much worthless. I felt a sudden earthquake, before feeling a gradually growing lightness. I was drifting higher and higher, watching in awe. I saw before me the skeletons of all the dead of my once-proud genus, of every species, of every island.

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I could. My profile of awesomeness Me on skype: I forgot. The last of the goo balls didn't seem to nodice That my sandbox was right here! Link will come when done. I'm playing Minecraft.