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February 22, Alliance Review: An iPhone transplant that loses impact on the big screen" , ps3. Alliance PS3 " , Metacritic. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Articles using Infobox video game using locally defined parameters Articles using Wikidata infoboxes with locally defined images.

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Single-player , multiplayer. You can ignore the zeroes at the beginning and end of it. Let's say you need to know the exact location of B6. B6's column is 2 so the exact location of it is All that I did was add the 2 at the end. And the location of C0 would be C. So whenever you see a hex location number like or C , the first part of it is the row number and the very last digit is the column name. Do you get it now? I hope so. Tell me the exact location of Take your time.

Did you find it yet? Oh, you did? What is it? That's right! Now tell me where 1A is. An important part of hex editing is converting a regular number to hex so that we can fiddle with it. Let's say your character currently has GP The number has now changed to Now get out a scratch piece of paper. Yes, a piece of paper and something to write with and follow the below animation. Let's hack Chrono Trigger and max out Crono's money! Talk to Crono's mom so she can give you G. Crono currently has G. Read the section above about hex conversion to learn how to convert G to hex - which ends up as Open up Cygnus and open your save state.

Click on the Edit menu then click on Find. Type in it will automatically separate into pairs and click on Find Next.

Cygnus found it! But wait, we're not done yet. Press F3 to perform the search again. Cygnus found in another place. Press it two more times. Two more sets of 's. Press it again. Cygnus went back to the first That means there are 4 sets of 's in this Chrono Trigger save state. Which one will change how much money you have?

Important values like money are usually in the middle of tons of 00's. Here's a screen shot of the very first that Cygnus found. Out of the 4 sets of 's that Cygnus found, the first two are in the middle of tons of 00's so it has to be one of the two. Let's hack the first value! Hmm what should we change G to It's settled then, we're going to change Crono's G to G. First we need to convert into hex. Bring up the Windows calculator, punch in , and put the bullet next to Hex.

We get FF. Now follow my 3 conversion steps. Notice that FF is not even. That means we need to add a zero again. So the number is now changed to 0FF. Pair them up and switch them around! The number is now changed to 3FF. So converted to hex is 3FF. Now we can type that in! Type it starting at 58, like in the picture down there If you saved your state while the status menu was open like me then you need to exit it and re-enter it so the hacked changes can take effect. If you saved your state without the status menu open then all you need to do is bring it up which is more convenient.

Oh, look! The first was the correct value for the money after all! You have now successfully hacked into Chrono Trigger via save state hacking! Let's say you want to tell a fellow hacker the exact location of the values where you can change Crono's money. Now let's hack several things at once!


Dungeon Hunter: Alliance - Wikipedia

First we need to convert and 99 into hex. Bring up the calculator and convert it to hex. Windows calculator gives you 3E7 so add a 0 to make it 03E7 then switch it around and it's E Punch in 99 and that's just So converted to hex it's E and 99 is So it's just three numbers and 70 converted to hex is 46, 8 is 08, and 5 is When it comes to HP and MP, these values are most of the time two bytes meaning two pairs of two digits. Now bring up Cygnus and the Chrono Trigger save state and search for 46 00 46 00 DO NOT add spaces because it will do that for you so just type in Are you asking yourself why we're looking for 46 00 46 00?

That's why we're searching for 46 00 46 Cygnus has found two sets of 46 00 46 Let's try our luck and hack into the first one it found. Change it to E7 03 E7 Oh, and look right next to it! It's 08 00 08 00, which is Crono's current and max MP! Change that to 63 00 63 So line should have the following Now we need to change Crono's Power from 5 to Oh no!

There are 7 sets of 05! I circled them for you Which one can it be? What can we do to figure out which one is which? Well let's look at the Chrono Trigger menu screen shot again. We are given 2 clues: Crono's Speed is to the right of Power and his Hit is right under it. So that means his Power must be somewhere near those numbers. Let's see, 13 converted to hex is 0D and 8 is So let's look for 0D and 08 close to Crono's Power AH there are too many 08's!

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OH, but there's just one 0D. Plus I've made a mistake. Did you see where my mistake is? I'll tell you! Ah hah!

Cheats I have discovered

You need to take things like this into consideration when you're hacking. So 12 converted to hex is 0C. Oh, I see a pattern! Do you see the pattern? Look after Crono's MP, you'll see 05, 08, 0C, 05, 08, and Does that look familiar? It's Crono's stats! They're all in perfect order right after his HP and MP! Now let's change all of that to 63!!! Like in the following Now save it and bring up Chrono Trigger and load the save state.

Awesome, look at the changes that have been made! We changed all of Crono's stats to 99 by changing their hex values to By why are they showing up as stars? In Chrono Trigger, those stars mean that the number has exceeded the limit. Oh look! By raising Crono's stats, his strength went to and his defense went to ! Cool huh? Now Crono has the power of a god! Let's do some examining. Look at the top picture with all the hex values. You'll see 41 00 41 00 and 0C 00 0C And I bet Lucca's stats are after hers! That's the greatest thing about save state hacking!

All you need is a couple values to see the whole pattern. Now we're going to do one more exercise. We're going change all of Crono's items to 99! Save your state and open up it up in Cygnus.