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The secret is to create images that look like screenshots of texts using various fake message tools.

And the best part is that these are totally free to use! Such tools are in plenty for generating fake texts in Android phones.

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In this post, you can explore 9 such fake text message tools available for generating iOS texts. Or alternatively, click here. This tool gives a variety of features that you want in a text message generator.

All the features are shown at left side of the screen. Using the toggle button, select the interface of your preference. Expanded screen size can be used if the screenshot you are making is quite long.

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For this, use the Expand iPhone screen option. When you hover the mouse over the message, a delete icon becomes visible. Click on this to delete the default message and then fill in with your own. To save the image, click on the Download image option.


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The image will be downloaded in PNG format. When you are done, it would look like as shown in the above image. The customization is similar to Foxsash. Putting pictures in it is a stretch, but It would be great if we could actually have emojis show up in the text.

How to create fake WhatsApp Chats?

And sending pictures would be a plus. Also when you type out the text, it would be better if it was laid out like an actual texting app and you would see the text how it will come out when finished. I hope you see this and consider some of the ideas: Just to clarify because I was confused at first but the sender is you, and the receiver is whatever person you come up with. I had it flip flopped at first. Other than that this app is kinda fun ;.

I made a text that I wanted to be at 4: It would be nice to change the time so I hope you can add that in.

Fake iPhone Text Messages

If you can get behind that,this is a great app. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad.

Top 5 Fake iMessage Generators for iOS 12/11/10( and Earlier)

Jan 31, Version 1. Size Category Entertainment. Compatibility Requires iOS 6.