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Most tales of 'solar' backpacking are of woe and disappointment.


recomend me a solar powered phone charger

The phone battery lasted about eight hours and I carried two spare batteries plus a Freeloader Pico solar charger, which lived on top of my pack. I found it would half- charge the phone after two to three days of sunny weather. Of course I was often in the shade of the forest and it was often cloudy. I would expect it to be more efficient in hotter more open places.

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I guess there are better performing chargers these days, but unless you are planning a longish remote sunny trip I use the powermonkey adventurer. It can be charged via socket and usb as well as solar givng great flexibility as it can used like the external booster packs mentioned above. Worked really well on a 10 day trip this sept to the Apeninnes in Italy. Bit more sun there though Should have said I was using it to charge a Samsung Note we were using as a gps to track our route and it worked very well. Sam Hope you are recovering well I have the same as Redscotti but have a spare battery aswell - cheap enough of t'internet!

solar phone charger

I have found that the downside of the Monkey is thatif you want to charge overnight say, the unit will go flat even when the phone is fully charged. It is useful being able to charge it a variety of ways though cheers. Forgot another plus is that you can 'daisy-chain' too i. You can have the unit charging on your rucksack and keep charging the phone in your pocket look a bit like an alien though with the charging lead connecting the two Not sure how many times the one I use will charge my phone but it can also be charged from the mains, and if a full charge will power a laptop it will have no difficulty charging a mobile a good few times.

As Mole has pointed out with Chris's statement most solar chargers will not charge up enough to repalce the loss. The smaller the solar panel the longer it takes the bigger the better so for the freeloader I would recommend the add on solar panel can't remember the name or buy one with a big enough MAH battery that it will do multiple charges. From one charge on mine I charged the netbook to full battery from half my tablet was almost dead to full my phone the same, a completely dead PSP and a completely dead sony PRS e-reader and out of four lights on the charger one was still lit so possibly another couple of phone charges and this was without it being allowed to charge back which it does even from a light bulb in the house all be it very slowly from that.

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I reckon I would need to go on a good few weeks remote hike r even month plus to risk running out of charge and even then one day of charging from solar would allow a call or two in emergency. You could ask this guy for one Thanks for all the input, its interesting to see what people use. I'm very behind the times when it comes to things like this. I only get outdoors for a few nights in a row at the very most so can easily make my phone last that period of time as I don't use gps or anything on it. I think I will wait a while as not really needing one asap.

Mini version 3oz, larger '' is 9oz I've ordered one but not arrived yet. I don't know what it is! Last week I spent 3 nights under canvas off-grid, I carried a 10,mah battery and I used my Android phone with mah battery for navigating, taking videos, photos and periodic online use, and watched downloaded videos in dark hours in tent. I'd downloaded offline maps so in "airplane mode" with the GPS running. One evening got a Wifi signal and spent a few hours watching TV.

If I spent tent time non-tech then would last weeks likely. I also spent about 16 hours flying back to USA and I used the battery to top-up almost empty phone battery during a flight. So these external batteries are much more practical than solar and more general purpose in camping and other off-grid scenarios. BTW there are beginning to get 15,00mah batteries now. The lightweight chargers only give mah typically.

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  4. Add to Trolley. Add to Your Wishlist. Spread the cost over 6 Months with an argos card credit plan Find out more. Credit is subject to status. About this product The SP50 has 4 solar panels and 50 watts of output power. The SP50 Solar Panel is a large, mobile solar collector. Let the sun charge your devices.

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